Stars in hospitality

Welcome to Starlinqk

For several years we have specialized in recruiting people for the hospitality industry.
This includes staff from chefs to housekeeping, for hotels and restaurants. But also receptionists, night porters and customer service employees.

Due to the proven strength of our network in recruitment, in addition to the hospitality industry, we have found collaboration in the beauty industry, construction and specialized professions since 2022.
For countries such as beautiful sunny Malta, we also offer opportunities for people outside Europe to come and live and work in beautiful sunny Malta!
Consider, for example, a goldsmith from Paraquay, a nail stylist from Iran or an engineer from Brazil.

Our strength lies in cooperation at an international level

We have recruiters in many European countries, clients and staff. Our people are driven and passionate, and have the will to work.
At Starlinqk we believe that Passion and Proffesion leads to Perfection.

We are always looking for the right people with the right attitude

What are the benefits for you as an employer/client?

  • The right people in the right place
  • No more recruitment from within the company necessary
  • An international workforce

  • We provide you with a CV for a suitable candidate and a short pitch video in which the candidate introduces himself and tells you about his experience.
    We then plan an interview.

    Simply clear and transparent.

    Contact us by email or telephone.

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